5 CX-Boosting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Company

By - Derek
12.07.20 08:15 AM
cx boostingAs the new year draws near, companies begin to look toward the future. For many companies, this means reviewing their customer experience (CX) strategies. They look for CX-boosting opportunities to propel them forward, ensuring the new year brings them greater success.   If you want to enhance CX in 2021, picking the right CX-boosting resolutions is a must. If you don’t know where to begin, here are five great options.  

5 CX-Boosting New Year’s Resolutions


1. Ditch the Time Clock

  Many companies set time limits or targets for customer contacts or expect customer service representatives to handle a minimum number of calls each day. While companies often assume this bolsters performance by discouraging lingering, it can actually harm the customer experience.   If a customer service representative feels rushed, the quality of the interaction may suffer. Your customer may sense that the rep is trying to hurry things along, harming the conversation's tone and potentially leaving the customer feeling unvalued.   Instead of using time clocks, choose other metrics for a CX-boosting approach to customer service. For example, focus on customer satisfaction scores, retention metrics, or other quality-of-service KPIs. That approach ensures that CX is the main priority.  

2. Add a Digital Touchpoint

  We live in a digital world. If you haven’t fully embraced the CX-enhancing potential of communication-oriented technologies, now is the time to commit to adding a new one.   If you aren’t sure where to begin, focus on mobile-friendly options. This could include text messaging-based support, Facebook Messenger chatbots, or similar approaches that allow customers to reach out in writing directly from a smartphone.   By offering a high-quality digital experience, you’re ensuring that customers can reach out using tools they favor. It makes interactions convenient, and that can make a significant difference.  

3. Solve a Pain Point

  Solving a pain point can have a substantial impact on CX. Spend some time reviewing customer feedback to collect data about common issues. Along with post-sale surveys, do some research on social media, review sites, or other outlets that give customers a platform to air their grievances.   After you gather the information, determine with pain points are most frequently cited. Then, identify one in your sphere of control, and resolve to find a solution to it this year.  

4. Improve Data Security

  While data security may not seem like a CX issue on the surface, it is. A single breach is detrimental to customer trust, so you need to exercise due diligence to protect customer information.   Spend some time analyzing your security practices. Identify weak points and find solutions to those issues. Implement new technologies as needed to ensure your systems meet today’s standards.   While it can take time to revamp your data security, it’s worth the effort. Safeguarding your customer data is fundamental for CX, ensuring that you can maintain their trust over the long-term.  

5. Improve the Employee Experience

  When your employees are happy, CX improves. How your employees feel while on the job matters, as their mood during the workday impacts how they respond to customers, both typical and challenging ones.   If you’re looking for CX-boosting solutions, prioritize the employee experience. Craft a positive and supportive workplace culture. Make sure that workers – including your remote agents – have all of the tools they need to thrive. Give feedback often, and always express your gratitude for everything your employees do to ensure your customers' happiness. If you do, you may see dramatic improvements in surprisingly little time.