The 4 Things that Surfing Taught Me About Business

07.01.22 01:00 PM

My parents moved to Central Florida when I was 9 years old. It only stood to reason that in a place like sunny Florida I was a very active kid into skateboarding, BMX, etc. It didn't take long before I developed an interest in surfing. I grew up surfing the East Coast of Florida in places like Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna, and my favorite spot Ponce Inlet. I still have a love for the ocean today. But, I never realized just how a simple thing like surfing could have an impact on my business career today. The more I thought about it, though, this lesson could really apply to almost any hobby or activity that we put a lot of effort in and attention toward. 

1. Patience

Anyone who has surfed before understands that you have to have a lot of patience while you wait for the waves to roll in. In business, this is a given. 

2. Timing

Try to pop into your stance too soon and your nose will dive and you'll find yourself pounding sand; or worse, a reef. If you're late, the wave will pass you by and you're left waiting for the next wave.

3. Not every wave is worth riding

4. Size and length don't matter 🙄

What does matter, is what you do with the wave. 

So, let me know what sport, activity, or hobby has had a lasting impact on your career.

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