How to Overhaul CX Using AI

05.31.21 07:15 AM
overhaul cxIf your customer experience (CX) isn’t meeting expectations, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on opportunities. CX plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and brand reputation, both of which play a role in attracting new business and maintaining existing clients.   While updating a CX program may seem like a cumbersome endeavor, if you update your approach using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), you can automate and streamline the project. If you’re wondering how to overhaul CX using AI, here are some approaches that are worth exploring.  

Improved Data Analytics

  When it comes to optimizing CX, the first step is often to gain a better understanding of your customers. It allows you to assess the current journey, discover details about their needs, and identify pain points that are negatively impacting their experience.   With AI tools, you can gain insights from your data with greater ease. AI solutions are adept at pattern recognition, typically far beyond what a person is able to assess. Additionally, they can deliver results quickly, allowing you to take meaningful action sooner rather than later.  

AI Chatbots for CX

  AI chatbots allow customers to have a conversation-like experience to get the information they need at any time, day or night. Additionally, these technologies free up your customer support team to focus on issues that genuinely require the human touch, as common problems can be handled by the chatbot instead.   In many cases, setting up a customized AI chatbot is relatively simple. You can program it to handle a variety of FAQs, answer basic account questions, and guide customers to information when they need it. Then, you can create a relay point where customers will get transitioned to a customer support employee, ensuring they are quickly shuttled to the right department should the need arise.  

Predictive Analytics

  With the right AI technologies, you can transition from reactive to proactive. Predictive analytics allow you to anticipate how customers may act in the future, giving you a chance to update processes to meet ongoing shifts in expectations.   Precisely how you make use of the technology may vary. However, some applications can include earlier identification of shifts in customer sentiment and emerging trend tracking, allowing you to spot what’s on the horizon and adapt to it, keeping you ahead of the curve and, potentially, the competition.  


  A personalized experience is favored by most customers. Whether it’s simply addressing them by name consistently, offering customized recommendations, or anything in that vein, personalization makes the customer feel valued and seen.   With AI, personalization is simpler to offer. It can screen customer behavior to make content suggestions, determine the best moments to initiate after-the-sale contact, present the right promotions at the proper time, and more.   When you are trying to overhaul CX at your company, AI can be a critical asset, simplifying the update process and delivering results quickly. Ultimately, AI is a potent tool, and it’s becoming more accessible. If you haven’t started exploring its capabilities, now may be the perfect time to take the leap.