Humanizing Your Digital Experience to Enhance CX

02.01.21 08:00 AM
digital experienceWhile the customer experience (CX) landscape is increasingly virtual, that doesn’t mean it should lack the human touch. Humanizing your digital experience is often crucial, ensuring that interactions involving automated voices, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies don’t feel overly mechanical.   By humanizing your digital experience, you can imbue a sense of caring, warmth, and support that may otherwise be missing. Additionally, you can make certain processes less frustrating, ensuring you support CX regardless of your approaches.   If you are ready to humanize your digital experience, here are some approaches worth considering.  

Adjust the Tone of Automated Menus

  With most companies, when customers call, they are first greeted by an automated system. Ultimately, the quality of that initial contact impacts how customers feel about the interaction from the beginning, essentially setting a mood that will carry forward as they progress through menus and, if necessary, reach a representative.   By using the right tone, you can create a desired emotional response. By ensuring the automated messages sound friendly, welcoming, and inviting, you’re starting the interaction in the most pleasant way possible.   Review your automated menus and gauge the tone. Consider the vibe it set and whether the voice is overly robotic. Then, make adjustments accordingly, altering word choice or the emotion being conveyed until the final result feels human.  

Give AI Chatbots a Personality

  In a similar vein, how a chatbot responds to customer inquiries impacts the customer’s perception of the experience. If the bot is too formal - regardless of whether the responses are straightforward, accurate, and informative - the interaction feels mechanical and dry, even boring. This can make even a useful conversation seem like a negative experience, especially if the interaction is somewhat lengthy.   If humanizing your digital experience is your goal, give chatbots a sense of personality. Make sure that it’s a reflection of your company’s overall voice. You can even embrace humor if it aligns with your branding.   By adding a personality, chatbot interactions are more enjoyable and engaging. In some cases, they can even be entertaining. In the end, positive interactions can encourage your customers to keep using these systems, all while keeping them happy as they do.  

Offer Easy Exits Out of Automated Systems

  While companies appreciate automated systems for their ability to unburden customer support staff, not all customers are as pleased with these options. For some, humanizing your digital experience isn’t enough. Instead, to enhance CX, you need to make reaching a representative as easy as possible.   Make sure that there are simple and clear exit opportunities out of automated systems. This can include traditional keywords for voice-activated systems, like “representative,” or chatbot response choices that send the conversation to a representative, such as a “Tap here to reach a customer support rep” button.   By making it easy to exit automated systems, you’re letting customers know that they aren’t trapped. That alone enhances CX in your digital experience, both for those who choose to continue in it and those who opt for the exit. It shows that you’re putting their needs and preferences first. In the end, that’s a big part of CX, even in today’s digital world.