Improve CX with These Amazing Tips

By - Derek
12.07.20 08:00 AM
improve cxWhen you need to find a way to stand out from the competition, look toward your customer experience (CX). Through CX, you have the ability to build loyalty, generate positive word of mouth, and separate your company from the pack.   While many companies want to improve CX, figuring out how to create meaningful change isn’t always easy. Thankfully, by following certain best practices, you can make significant headway in a surprisingly short amount of time.   If you are ready to improve CX at your company, here are some amazing tips that can make a world of difference.  

Tips to Improve CX


1. Map Your Customer Journey

  You can’t develop an effective CX strategy without understanding the decision path your customers take to get from awareness to purchase. By mapping your customer journey from every touchpoint, you create an opportunity.   Along with gathering valuable data, you can identify bottlenecks that are hindering the customer. Additionally, you can relate customer feedback to certain parts of the process, giving you more information that can help you improve CX efficiently.  

2. Embrace Popular Channels

  Failing to take advantage of popular customer communication channels can hold your company back. For example, overlooking mobile, text-based, or Facebook Messenger support could be detrimental, particularly as many customers spend more time communicating in that fashion than over the phone, email, or through a desktop or laptop.   By embracing popular channels, you improve CX by broadening your contact options. This allows you to reach a broader customer base who may not want to reach out via email or over the phone, ensuring you’re available through a mechanism that best suits them.  

3. Imbue Personality and Emotion

  While customers certainly value simplicity when they need to interact with a company, that doesn’t mean all communications should be devoid of personality. Ideally, you want your customers to feel positive about every interaction, and a little bit of emotion can make a difference.   If you create automated responses, make them clear, and ensure they have a supportive, happy tone. When you use affirming phrases and positive language, you can make automated conversations feel less robotic, improving the quality of the experience.  

4. Improve Response Times

  Even if your customer interactions' quality is high, if your response time is lagging, that will harm CX. Today, customers expect speedy replies to their inquiries, regardless of the channel. If you fail to respond in near real-time, many customers will turn to your competitors for what they need.   How you improve your response times will depend on the mechanism. For phone-based inquiries, don’t default to long holds and several transfers to get to the right department. Instead, use technology to help determine the customer’s needs. Ask meaningful questions through the automated system. That way, once they reach a representative, the odds are high that it’s the right one.   You can use a similar approach for text-based support. Make sure any questions you ask to get customers to the right department are unique and meaningful. That way, answering them will feel purposeful. And once they reach a live rep, the customer’s issue can be handled swiftly, all because they ended up in the correct place.  

5. Remain Agile

  Agility is the name of the game if you want to improve CX over the long-term. The approaches and techniques that work today may not meet the needs of tomorrow’s customers.   Make sure you never become too set in your ways by staying flexible. Review customer feedback and KPIs regularly to identify shifts in customer sentiment regarding your CX program. If data indicates that a change is wise, update your CX strategy and shift your direction.   Ultimately, great CX can be a moving target. Luckily, if you remain agile, you can adapt whenever the need arises.