Post-Pandemic CX – Digital Is Here to Stay

04.05.21 07:00 AM
post-pandemic cxWhile the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, that doesn’t mean the world will return to where it was before once the pandemic ends. This has a direct impact on how companies need to view the customer experience (CX) moving forward, as post-pandemic CX won’t necessarily resemble the pre-pandemic landscape.   Ultimately, the pandemic has fundamentally altered customer habits and expectations. While the use of in-person approaches may certainly rise, digital will also be here to stay. If you are wondering why, here’s what will influence the post-pandemic CX landscape.  

Tech-Savviness Rises, Making Digital a Bigger Part of Post-Pandemic CX

  One of the reasons some customers shied away from digital options for communicating with companies was a lack of tech-savviness. If a customer wasn’t comfortable with online support options, they didn’t have to use them pre-pandemic. Instead, they could continue with in-person interactions if they preferred.   Once the pandemic hit, in-person options disappeared in many cases. Customers had little choice but to embrace digital alternatives and, while the transition was challenging, they persevered, achieving the necessary level of tech-savviness.   Since a greater number of customers are now comfortable interacting with companies digitally, those options need to remain for post-pandemic. Not supporting those digital options means forcing your customers to change their process again, and that won’t be received well. As a result, businesses that are concerned about post-pandemic CX need to embrace their digital services, ensuring customers can continue to use them.  

Digital Experiences Outperforming Past Interactions

  When customers find a support avenue that offers a higher quality experience, they tend to stick with it. During the pandemic, many discovered that the digital alternatives they had to turn to led to better outcomes, exceeding what they received using other avenues pre-pandemic.   Now, part of this result is likely based on companies focusing more on digital support options. Businesses also had to adapt due to the pandemic, embracing new ways to maintain customer relationships and boost CX. That dedication led to notable improvements in the digital delivery of information and support, something that directly benefited consumers.   However, it has created a fundamental shift in expectations. Customers that believe digital options lead to better outcomes will continue to use those approaches. As a result, if a company abandons, their post-pandemic CX will suffer quickly.   Businesses are wise to expect that the digital habits customers have today will remain in place. Shoring up digital services is, therefore, an incredibly smart move.  

The Importance of Convenience for Post-Pandemic CX

  Often, digital options are seen as far more convenient than having to complete various kinds of transactions in person. Since more customers have experienced that personally, they may be less inclined to work with companies that require more cumbersome approaches, particularly if competitors don’t.   There’s a strong chance that a degree of upheaval caused by the pandemic will remain in place for some time. By offering convenient, digital support options, you aren’t creating an unnecessary hardship for customers to bear. In the world of post-pandemic CX, that will be incredibly vital, ensuring your customers feel valued and appreciated not just today but well into the future.