Worried About CX? Give Your Experience a Test Drive

01.04.21 08:15 AM
cx test driveFor contact centers, an exceptional customer experience (CX) is essential. Great CX can serve as a differentiator, ensuring you remain ahead of the competition. It can also generate positive word of mouth, lead to better reviews, boost customer loyalty, and spur sales.   Most companies want to enhance CX, though many struggle with figuring out precisely where to begin. While feedback options like surveys can give you glimpses into the customer experience, they often don’t paint a complete picture. Not all customers are going to respond to surveys, so you’re missing pieces of information.   While you can augment surveys with internal metrics to bring clarity to the situation, there’s one more step that can make a world of difference: test driving your CX. By jumping into the queue and trying out the customer experience first-hand, you can identify bottlenecks, find confusing menu options, and more.   If you’re worried about CX, giving your experience that critical test drive is a must. If you aren’t sure how to begin, here’s what you need to do.  

Create a Standardized Review Form

  Before you worry about experiencing your contact center CX, you need to create a standardized mechanism for assessing its quality. This ensures that anyone participating in the test drive is considering the same points, gathering the right information, and otherwise examining the situation in a manner that will benefit your contact center.   Have the test drive team time how long they are in queue, count how many transfers occur, record the number of clicks or taps they had to do, and collect other similar data. Additionally, ask them to gauge the quality of their interactions with contact center staff and to make note of any missteps that occur, like getting sent to the wrong department.   The goal is to put your experience to the test so that you can improve CX. That can only occur with open, honest, and thorough data collection. Standardization is the key, as it ensures that nothing is overlooked.  

Form a CX Test Drive Team

  Your CX test drive team should be comprised of employees from all walks of life. Along with recruiting a few members of the leadership team, you should also include contact center reps as a starting point.   However, don’t be afraid to look at every department for possible participants. By gathering some employees who have different kinds of expertise, as well as knowledge gaps, you get a more well-rounded view of your CX.  

Assign the Right Customer Issues

  Before you have your CX test drive team begin their assessments, assign them common customer issues as a starting point. Review your internal metrics to find out what customers typically reach out about, and have your test team explore those contact paths.   CX hiccups in areas where contact frequencies are high often have the most significant impact on your overall reputation. As a result, it can be wise to explore them first.   After that, you can review feedback data. Look for topics where poor experiences are being reported at a rate that seems disproportionately high based on the number of calls that typically occur for that topic. This gives you a secondary point of focus for improving CX.  

Try Every Touchpoint

  When you want to gauge CX, you can’t rely solely on one touchpoint. Make sure your CX test drive team explores every avenue customers have at their disposal. That way, you can ensure that every facet of your contact center is thoroughly explored as you work to enhance and optimize CX.   Ultimately, once you have the test drive data in-hand, you know where to focus your energies. That way, you can make changes that will have the greatest impact, allowing you to boost CX in ways that matter most to your customers.