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    VocalPoint Consulting is the missing piece to procuring the right technology for your firm.
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    Lean on our two decades of industry experience to make sure your cloud project is a success.
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    VocalPoint provides unparalleled service and support so that you never feel alone.

Our Vision:

At VocalPoint Consulting our vision is to empower businesses of all sizes by becoming the most trusted, global leader in technology planning and software procurement.

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Cloud Services

Our Services

Technology Planning

With over two decades of experience, VocalPoint Consulting guides businesses through the complex maze of technology planning, ensuring strategic decisions, optimal resource allocation, and risk mitigation in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Software Procurement

VocalPoint Consulting simplifies the complex task of software procurement, guiding businesses to make aligned decisions. We minimize risks and future-proof investments, transforming confusion into a structured, confident process.

Installation & Support

VocalPoint Consulting makes cloud services easy to purchase, deploy, and use, providing seamless project management and specialized telecom support, turning potential frustrations into pathways for growth and success.

About Us

At VocalPoint Consulting, it's NOT about us, it's about YOU!  Our technology Sherpas will guide you to success in today's complex minefield of cloud software procurement. We specialize in streamlining the technology procurement process and transform technology decision-making by instilling trust in an otherwise untrustworthy industry. By confronting deceptive sales tactics and over-promised technology outcomes, we create a reliable path and ensure a confident journey towards achieving your business goals. Trust us to be your technology Sherpa.
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Our Successes

Tampa Sports Authority

When Tampa Sports Authority couldn't make a decision on their communications upgrade for Raymond James Stadium, they turned to VocalPoint for expert advice.

Path Medical / 411-PAIN

Beginning with upgrading a Contact Center platform to negotiating and implementing a new UCaaS and converged network solution to a full ITaaS deployment for 500 users across 40 locations, Path Medical is saving over six figures per year with VocalPoint's guidance.

Greenpoint Holdings

When Greenpointe Holdings needed a new Unified Communications system, they turned to VocalPoint Consulting to find the right fit for their multiple communities throughout the state of Florida.

Lowndes Law Firm

The Lowndes Law firm has counted on the expertise of VocalPoint's team to help negotiate fiber contracts as well as Project Manage the installation of a new UCaaS platform for their 235 staff throughout 3 locations.

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