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Three Strategies To Avoid a Nightmare Vendor Relationship

In the world of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), technology procurement is a critical aspect that can dictate the efficiency and success of the organization. However, traditional procurement strategies often fall short, leaving SMEs navigating a labyrinth of sales pitches and complex contracts.

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Business leader becomes Sherpa (Guide) to help IT leaders achieve success.
VocalPoint Consulting prides itself on being your trusted technology advisor. We aim to simplify the complex process of procuring telecom, software, and cloud services while bringing transparency and trust to an industry that often suffers from deception. Our goal is to help you make informed technology decisions that align with your business objectives by helping your business build strategic partnerships with technology suppliers.

We serve as your technology Sherpa, guiding you through the intricate landscape of cloud software procurement and protecting you from misleading sales pitches and unfulfilled technology promises. Our focus is on forging a dependable path to success, ensuring a smooth and confident journey towards achieving your business aspirations.

Our mission at VocalPoint Consulting is centered on you, our valued customer. Choose us as your technology Sherpa, and allow us to lead you to triumph in today's complex world of technology procurement.
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Technology Advisor Alliance

Technology Advisor Alliance

Proud Member of the TAA

The Technology Advisor Alliance (TAA) is a consortium of technology experts worldwide that have a fiduciary responsibility to each other as well as you, our clients to ensure that you are receiving the best advice and solution possible. As a proud member of the TAA, VocalPoint Consulting actively engages with leading industry experts to tackle challenges, share best practices, and offer mutual support. This membership enhances our expertise and connects us with a network of proficient members, all dedicated to delivering top-tier service. Our TAA affiliation guarantees that we're well-equipped to guide you through the complex technology landscape, ensuring you receive the finest service possible. 

Our Vision:

At VocalPoint Consulting our vision is to empower businesses of all sizes by becoming the most trusted leader in technology planning, procurement and support.

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Our Successes

Raymond James Stadium

Tampa Sports Authority

When Tampa Sports Authority couldn't make a decision on their communications upgrade for Raymond James Stadium, they turned to VocalPoint for expert advice.

Path Medical

Path Medical / 411-PAIN

Beginning with upgrading a Contact Center platform to negotiating and implementing a new UCaaS and converged network solution to a full ITaaS deployment for 500 users across 40 locations, Path Medical is saving over six figures per year with VocalPoint's guidance.

GreenPointe Holdings

Greenpoint Holdings

When Greenpointe Holdings needed a new Unified Communications system, they turned to VocalPoint Consulting to find the right fit for their multiple communities throughout the state of Florida.

Lowndes Law

Lowndes Law Firm

The Lowndes Law firm has counted on the expertise of VocalPoint's team to help negotiate fiber contracts as well as Project Manage the installation of a new UCaaS platform for their 235 staff throughout 3 locations.

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