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What is your CX Strategy?

A great Customer Experience Strategy has to include your agents, your customers and the right technology. VocalPoint Consulting will work with your team to help you empower your agents with the right tools, enhance how your customers can communicate with you, and provide the technology to make it all happen.  

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Tired of technology vendors that over promise and under deliver?

Stop the RFP rat race. VocalPoint will become your advocate and make sure you engage only with the vendors that can deliver what your business needs. We’ll help with Scope of Work, technical designs, vendor meetings, and contract negotiations.

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When’s the last time you tried calling the phone company?

Most projects include multiple vendors and can be difficult to manage and most vendors don’t communicate with one another. That’s why VocalPoint provides project management: ensuring that all the pieces come together how and when they should. If problems arise after implementation, we will be your conduit to help facilitate a speedy resolution for the entire term of your agreement.

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VocalPoint Consulting is the leading Telecom Consulting and Cloud Consulting firm in Central Florida. Our extensive industry knowledge and broad reach with telecom and cloud service providers allows us to broker the right solution while being fully independent in our approach to helping your team procure the best technology to solve your business problems. With over 15 years of experience in telecom and cloud consulting, we have helped businesses throughout the U.S. to design, procure, and support complex telecom & cloud solutions. Call us today for a free evaluation by one of our telecom and cloud consultants. Because we work for you and not the vendors that we ultimately recommend, you can trust our team to deliver the right solution tailored to your specific needs. We offer sound advice on the sourcing and procurement of telecommunications and cloud services. We are an Orlando Telecom Consultant firm.

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